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wahhhh. [23 Oct 2006|03:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hey cutiepies.

long time since i've written
in here. well, i know i don't
keep up with this thing as much
as i say i want to but i'm sorry.
myspace/facebook has taken over
the world and left all of you
livejournalist abandoned.. and yes,
i admitt that i was one of them
but, not anymore. b/c i love
you guys.

well, not much has been going on
with me lately. schools a bitch,
in which i'm still in high school..
i don't have drama because i'm on
of those "don't give a fuck" type
of people. haha anyways,..

i guess i can fill you all in
on a few things eh? :]

work - a bitch. i ended up
quitting a job i liked for a job
that i can't fucking stand already.
yeah, it's rediculous, i know.
but, me and my girl bfrick are gonna
go apply and get a .. fun job. :)
or i'll go back to being a waitress.
who knows. wherever the money is good.

school - a bitch, also. lol i
was out for 2 weeks because i had surgery
so now i'm in the process of making up
my school work.. which isn't all that bad.
hahnville high school.. is gay, though.
whatever, a year and a half til' i go to
either NYU, NSULA, or UCLA. blah.

status - single. mhm, yep. i've been
single for a year and 8 months now and i
am completely content with it. i'm more of
the wild, partygirl instead of the romantic
girlfriend. that day will come when i do have
a steady relationship.. but until then, drink
it down and live it up. yay. but, there still
is this guy named lance lacoste who STILL is
a big part of my life.. he has been for the
past 3 years and he still is. he's away at
college though at NSULA and i guess we'll see
how things end up later in the future..
then.. well, this is a secret but i'm falling
for my best friend. what the fuck. typical eh?
yes, i know. but damnit, no one knows me quite
like he knows me. yeah, yeah, yeah. so thats
my status story.. not too interesting but,
i'm perfectly content with where i'm at right now.

i was suppose to be moving to ohio.. step-dad
got a job offer.. but we haven't heard much
from them.. so who knows. even though i was
so stoked about moving.. because i'm so ready
to get away from new orleans. ah, when you live
here your whole life, it's not all that interesting
anymore. honestly, i LOVE mardi gras.. but when
you've been attending or riding in mardi gras since
you were like 1 year old.. it's not all that great.
yeah, if you're a tourist.. you'll love it. but,
now .. we get slammed, drink til we can't stand up,
and make fools out of ourselves. whatever, ok i
admit that i would miss it.. but i wouldn't miss
the gay little town of des allemands... which is
where i reside. lol

that was just a little brief summary of how i have
been. like i said, nothing too interesting. haha.

take care, people.
Kiss Me

car wreck. [05 Dec 2005|07:34pm]
[ mood | okay ]

to make a long story short..
i was involved in a bad accident
saturday night with sarah jory.
there was a car in front of us and
we didn't see the sharp turn until
we were practically on it and sarah
took a wide turn, we hit the gravel..
spun around twice, and flipped the
car 3 times and landed upside down.
 there was NO alcohol,
nor drugs involved so for all of you
who keep saying that drugs and alcohol
were involved, stfu because it wasn't.
we definitely passed the drug and alcohol
test. it was just simple mistake. sarah is
fine, thank god... she just is sore with
some bruises and i am sore and i broke
my neck in 3 places; thank god i'm not
paralyzed. this is the car:

yeah, pretty insane. i have to wear
a neck brace for 4-8 weeks.
and, i might need surgery depending
on how my bones heel.
just keep me in your prayers.
i love ya'll.

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[01 Dec 2005|08:37pm]
[ mood | weird ]

how is everyone?!

aw, i've missed all my livejournal friends
and i'm VERY sorry that i betrayed ya'll
for a few months. MYSPACE is the new
cool thing i'm assuming?! .. and seems like
everyone is using myspace now, not LJ.
except a few of you.. in which i give you
props for still using livejournal. right on.

anyways, things with me have been a ok.
schools lame, but who doesn't agree?
yeah, that's what i thought. :] the guys &
myself.. hmm, that's a whole different story.
my life is pretty much .. boring now-a-days.
except i have two wonderful friends named
erin and sarah whom i would have NEVER
thought i'd be close too. been knowing them
for years and somehow, us three hung out
one night and we clicked and have been such
good friends since. we have the best memories
and more to come. yeah, see.. i'm boring you.
i told you my life was boring. ha.

so christmas is coming up, thank goooooodness.
i heart christmas. a lot. don't you? mhmmm.

i'm sure no one will possibly read this, &
if you do.. leave a comment saying. "lame".
heh, thank you. :]

i will for now on start posting in my livejournal
again so if you decide to give me a second chance
and read my post, then be looking for them more
frequently. k, i love and miss you guys. :]

sara blouin.

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[27 Feb 2005|11:05pm]
55 Kisses Kiss Me

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